I never saw a brand work as hard as me until I took on Miele. They don’t […]
Many customers ask me, “Who does your marketing?” I think they are expecting a big name, […]
Oftentimes customers ask me what appliances I have in my home. What does the owner of […]
Customers always ask, “How do we do it?” How can a single store, independent appliance and […]
We had a great turnout for our 3rd “MrsGsVIB Blogger Event”. I can’t believe how time […]
Finally, The NJ’s Clean Energy Cash for Clunker Appliances Rebate Program begins April 1st. This program […]
Mrs. G's VIB Blogger event! Find out the details and see our Valentine's Day card!
In early December I received a call from Carol Campbell, founder of Women in CE (Consumer […]
Many customers ask about “Cash for Clunker Appliances” or “Cash for Appliances” rebates ever since Secretary […]
Did you know it only takes 15 minutes to clean your home for the holidays?  By […]