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Miele Dishwashers Now Starting at $899!

August 31, 2012

If you’re looking for a new dishwasher now is the perfect time to consider a Miele. For the first time, Miele is offering dishwashers starting at just $899. Constant innovation and uncompromising quality with precision German engineering is a staple of Miele’s products and philosophy. You did say quiet, right? And very quiet. Now it’s [...]

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The Best Steam Ovens of 2012 at Mrs. G TV & Appliances

July 23, 2012

Everyone wants to cook and eat healthier, but it’s a common misconception that it takes too much time to prepare healthy food or that it won’t taste as good. With a steam oven, cooking healthy has never been easier and you don’t have to sacrifice time or taste. Steam ovens cook faster than regular ovens, [...]

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The Kitchens of ” Fifty Shades of Grey”

June 11, 2012

I am one of the 10 million plus moms who just finished the trilogy “Fifty Shades of Grey,” by E. L. James. I’m not much of a fiction reader but I do get sucked into the frenzied mad dash for the over-the-top best sellers. No doubt, there was quite a lot of detail about the [...]

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Mrs. G’s 2011 Holiday Appliance and TV Sale Is On!

December 7, 2011

If you missed our 2011 Black Friday “The Big One” Sales Event, we have a surprise for you! As a way to say thank you for your continued support and business, we are having a special sales event through the entire month of December for all your last minute shopping needs. Stop in for the [...]

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Is it December… already?

December 1, 2010

I cannot believe it’s December already. To celebrate the holidays this year I thought I would post for the next 24 days a fun or practical gift each day. Debbie’s Favorite Gift #1 Mrs. G’s Great Giveaway at Every Trenton Thunder Game Mini Pack $66.00 A great stocking stuffer. On sale now is the Mrs. G’s [...]

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Induction Cooktop Is In My Future!

September 8, 2010

My favorite appliance right now is the induction cooktop.  I love the way that it is so easy to clean and yet the performance is even better than a gas cooktop. Plus, it’s very energy efficient.   There are so many great articles and blogs on induction, but I love this simple history and explanation [...]

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Miele… Quietly Working Its Way To The Top!

August 24, 2010

I never saw a brand work as hard as me until I took on Miele. They don’t have one, but two sales representatives that call on Mrs. G’s. All that hard work is paying off because our sales at Miele keeps going up and up even in this tough economy. I must tell you, I love [...]

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Mrs. G’s & Trenton Thunder Team Up

August 10, 2010

Many customers ask me, “Who does your marketing?” I think they are expecting a big name, but actually it’s all me. They ask me this question because they see Mrs. G’s and me all over the place. Yes, I am everywhere and sometimes I can’t believe how I do it all raising 17 year old twins [...]

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Dishing with Debbie – Inside Debbie Schaeffer’s Kitchen

August 2, 2010

Oftentimes customers ask me what appliances I have in my home. What does the owner of an appliance and television store have in her home? Here’s an inside peak. [youtube][/youtube]   Debbie’s Kitchen Before I purchased my house in 1998 from the estate of the original owners. The house was built in 1951 and the [...]

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Holiday Cleaning Tips

December 12, 2009

Did you know it only takes 15 minutes to clean your home for the holidays?  By breaking down your tasks into 15 minute increments not only will you get more done, but you will barely miss the time out of your day.  In the end – a spotless home ready for friends and family holiday [...]

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