Everyone wants to cook and eat healthier, but it’s a common misconception that it takes too much time to prepare healthy food or that it won’t taste as good. With a steam oven, cooking healthy has never been easier and you don’t have to sacrifice time or taste. Steam ovens cook faster than regular ovens, and the steam and convection combination ovens on the market are even faster.

The cooking process of a steam oven also provides healthier cooking options as no oil or fat is necessary to create moist, flavorful, quality food. Since steam is a natural, gentle cooking method, it preserves nutrients and taste, creating fresh and flavorful food without sacrificing taste or appearance. With speed and convenience, you can cook food healthier than ever, without giving up taste or appearance. A steam oven can really help change the way you eat by giving you more control over what you cook, and giving you healthy options. Here is a look at the amazing steam ovens available from four different brands.


Miele Classic 24" Steam Oven DG4084

Miele has a 24” Steam Oven available in either Classic or Europadesigns. The classic design has a Clean Touch Steel Finish with signature handle while the Europa design has a black glass and Clean Touch Steel Finish with square handle. The ovens are made for built-in installation and a separate 30″ trim kit can also be used for even more seamless integration into cabinetry. Both options include an LCD display, touch control pad with MasterChef technology and a food driven menu system. This oven is great for someone who is not necessarily a pro at cooking, as the exclusive MasterChef technology selects the optimal cooking results based on input that you provide, such as the type of food. The Miele Steam Oven also has an easy to clean stainless steel cavity to make cleanup simple.

Thermador Steam and Convection Oven MES301HS

Thermador Masterpiece Steam and Convection Oven MES301HS

Thermador offers a steam and convection combination oven. It is available in 24” or 30” installation if you buy the separate 30” trim kit which will help match it with your wall oven. It comes in black glass and with either a masterpiece or pro handle. The steam and convection oven has many cooking modes and pre-programmed settings that make it perfect for cooking almost anything, whether it’s seafood with just steam, or a 14 pound turkey with steam and convection combination. The oven features EasyCook, which has 40 different pre-programmed modes that match with different types of foods, giving you the proper temperature, humidity, and cooking time.

Overall, the Thermador Steam and Convection Oven will help you get higher, restaurant quality results with less effort and faster cooking times. Plus, the oven also has a 20-30 min clean cycle that will loosen any grease from cooking, so all you have to do is take a towel and easily wipe it off.

Wolf Convection Steam Oven CSO24

Wolf Convection Steam Oven CSO24

Wolf is another brand to also offer a Steam and Convection Oven that allows the use of steam, convection, or a steam and convection combination, with 12 different cooking modes to cook a variety of foods. It is 23-1/2” wide, in stainless steel with a tubular handle. There is also a 30″ L and E Series stainless steel trim kit that can be used for installation to match with other Wolf appliances. Wolf’s oven features technology that can actually sense the amount, size, and shape of the food in the oven. Just select an automatic mode and place the food in the oven, and it will do the rest. Plus, once the food is cooking, the Wolf Convection Steam Oven also monitors the time, temperature, and environment. This makes cooking easier than ever before, as all the guesswork is eliminated on the cook’s side, and the oven will help ensure that all the settings are perfect for the food being prepared.

Viking Combi-Steam/Convect Oven VCSO2120SS

Viking Combi-Steam/Convect Oven VCSO210SS

The brand new Viking Combi-Steam/Convection Oven also provides a lot of healthy cooking options thanks to the convection and steam functions. The oven has 4 cooking modes in 1, including steam, convection, steam and convection combination, and microwave. Other great features are the interactive LCD display and 43 automatic settings so the best cooking method can be chosen no matter what you are cooking. The Viking oven is 21 3/4″ wide and can be installed as built-in with a 30″ trim kit, placed on the counter top, or placed as an under the counter unit to save even more space. Viking also provides so excellent accessories with the Combi-Steam/Convect oven, like a cookbook full of tips and healthy recipes, 2 baking trays, a high rack and low rack, and a steam basket.

With today’s steam ovens, there is no excuse anymore not to start cooking and eating healthier. All four of these ovens provide amazing cooking results, with healthier cooking options and fast and convenient cooking times. So if you are looking to change the way you eat and cook, please feel free to come into the store, call us at 609-882-1444, or visit www.mrsgs.com for more information on any of these steam ovens.

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