I never saw a brand work as hard as me until I took on Miele. They don’t have one, but two sales representatives that call on Mrs. G’s. All that hard work is paying off because our sales at Miele keeps going up and up even in this tough economy. I must tell you, I love their products. Not only are they outstanding performers with great design features but the company has always been environmentally conscious. Miele is much older than Mrs. G’s. Miele started in 1898 in Germany, Mrs. G’s, a babe, started in 1935 in Trenton, NJ. Two family owned businesses handed down from generation to generation and passionate about their business. Miele did not come to the United States until 1984. Their USA headquarters is actually located in the most wonderful town in America – Princeton, NJ. Oh did I happen to mention I live in Princeton? You can’t miss their building on Route 1. Miele’s North American Headquarters, designed by Michael Graves, “the man who is rewriting the language of color” stands out like a proud peacock!

When I first took on Miele about 8 years ago, it was all about their great dishwashers. Miele was and still is the brand of choice for consumers who want the best and quietest dishwasher.  They also manufactured at that time wall ovens, cook tops, coffee maker, washers, dryers and vacuum cleaners clearly geared towards the European market. Everything is smaller in Europe. Americans love big big and bigger, so at that time sales of Miele ovens and washer and dryers were only for those who really appreciated the exceptional cooking and laundry performance. Miele had mastered the dishwasher and vacuum cleaner category. The dishwashers are rated #1 with J.D. Power and Associates for 2010.  Miele wanted to grow their cooking business and ultimately their laundry business. They knew they would need to design larger ovens and larger capacity washers and dryers for the American market.  Soon after I took on the line, they introduced a new version of the MasterChef™ oven, a bigger oven even for American standards. What a hit it was! They did not compromise the outstanding performance of the original Miele oven. Not only does it look good in a contemporary kitchen, but it actually looks good in a traditional kitchen as well. A few generations later the MasterChef™ oven is better than ever! These exceptional appliances offer high performance in true European convection style with Miele’s new Clean Touch Steel™ finish that resists fingerprints and scratches.

Like all other high end brands, Miele wanted to offer a complete suite of kitchen appliances. The Miele refrigerator was introduced about a year ago. A feast for the eyes… Miele’s Independence™ Series collection embodies Miele’s legendary quality and innovation… from its high performance; dual-compressor system and intuitive MasterCool™ touch controls that keep foods fresher, to its patented WiFi RemoteVision™ technology that delivers total peace of mind as it protects valuable food and wine investments. The refrigerator “totally disappears into cabinetry” and various, innovative features such as Miele’s fully extendable drawers, customizable shelves and lighting design make the Independence™ Series a well built appliance.

Below is a video demonstrating the amazing features of the 48” Independence refrigeration system (combination of the K1801SF 30″ refrigerator and the F1411SF 18″ freezer) , showcasing a wonderful healthy lunch recipe from my good friend Lindsay Vastola from Body Project. I loaded the refrigerator with a healthy shopping list per Lindsay. Check out how beautifully integrated the refrigeration system is, the ease of moving and removing the shelves on the door, the bright lighting and listen- the refrigerator is really quiet. Most of the items I purchased are grown locally, so it is really important to invest in a quality refrigerator so your investment in healthy groceries will last the longest. We will show you why making an investment in a Miele refrigerator is totally worth it in this informative video.


Black Bean Salad

This is a “fool-proof” recipe…add more or less of any veggies that you have and enjoy and play with the seasonings that you like best!


1 can drained & rinsed black beans

1 avocado, diced

1 diced pepper (red, green, orange, yellow)

1 cup corn (fresh or canned, rinsed)

1 diced tomato, or 1 cup of halved cherry tomatoes

½ red or white onion


2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Kosher salt and pepper to taste


Other optional add-ins and seasonings:

1 cup wild rice

Tabasco/hot sauce

Chili powder or cayenne pepper

Saffron seasoning (Goya brand)



Check out my next blog with Lindsay showcasing the induction cook top (my favorite appliance of all time), along with another healthy lunch recipe. Join Lindsay and me at the Mrs. G’s 75th Gala Celebration on Saturday Sept 25th from 10-4pm. Click here for more info.

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