Holiday BaubleDid you know it only takes 15 minutes to clean your home for the holidays?  By breaking down your tasks into 15 minute increments not only will you get more done, but you will barely miss the time out of your day.  In the end – a spotless home ready for friends and family holiday to visit!

To get started, grab a basket with a handle large enough to collect misplaced items you come across.  By collecting as you clean in your Lost & Found basket – instead of wearing a path in the carpet traveling between rooms – you will save time and stay focused.  Next, start a load of laundry before tackling each room.  Mrs. G TV & Appliances carries Electrolux washers and dryers that wash in 18 minutes and dry in 18 minutes.  That will give you just enough time to finish one load of laundry and clean two rooms – all in about 30 minutes!

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Cleaning your appliances will not only keep them looking better, but also keep them performing like new and extend the life of the appliance.  A favorite, inexpensive item we carry at Mrs. G TV & Appliances is Dishwasher Magic.

You would think that every time you run your dishwasher, it cleans itself along with your dishes.  It doesn’t!  Dishwasher Magic removes mineral build-up, disinfects your dishwasher, and removes rust & calcium build-up that can clog water jets. Dishwasher Magic is the only EPA approved dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant proven to kill 99.9% of germs in the dishwasher (and that’s important with a house full of dinner guests and lots of dirty dishes!)  Even better, Dishwasher Magic is safe for all dishwasher model interiors and plumbing and septic systems.  Cleaning your dishwasher once a month will keep it in tip-top shape and help your dishwasher do its job!


  • Grab your Lost & Found basket and circle the room and pick up any misplaced items and put them in your basket.
  • Empty and reload the dishwasher.  Be sure to only scrape dishes into the trash and don’t pre-rinse them.  You will save water and electricity by letting the dishwasher do it’s job.  Be sure to stop by Mrs. G’s and talk to a salesperson that can work with you to find the perfect dishwasher for your family’s needs.
  • Straighten up countertops.  Get small appliances out of site in cabinets, put dry goods away in the pantry, and be sure to at least put mail in a drawer instead of out in the open!
  • Empty the trash.  Place extra bags next the trash canister for quick change during busy holiday parties.
  • Wipe down counters and cooktops.
  • Vacuum your kitchen floors! The Miele Olympus canister vacuum is perfect for picking up crumbs on your kitchen’s smooth flooring, and it’s much faster and easier than sweeping with a broom.
  • Find homes for everything in the Lost & Found basket.


  • Grab your Lost & Found basket and circle the room and pick up any misplaced items and put them in your basket.
  • Collect all dirty laundry.  Start a load of wash – the Electrolux laundry set will be finished before you know it!
  • Put a fresh set of linens on your bed and fluff the pillows.
  • Trash pickup time!  Empty the waste baskets and replace the bin liners.
  • Fold clean clothes and place on your bed.  You will have no choice but to put them away before you go to bed!
  • Dust night tables and neatly stack any books or magazines.
  • Next on the checklist is vacuuming.  The Miele Olympus canister vacuum is lightweight enough to carry up and down stairs easily to clean floors on all levels of your home.
  • Switch the laundry to the dryer and return any Lost & Found items in the basket.
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