My favorite appliance right now is the induction cooktop.  I love the way that it is so easy to clean and yet the performance is even better than a gas cooktop. Plus, it’s very energy efficient.


There are so many great articles and blogs on induction, but I love this simple history and explanation by Kevin M. Henry from the August issue of The Retail Observer.


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Over the past few years, induction cooktops have become more popular, so most manufacturers have their own version. Mrs. G’s has the Thermador, Viking, Electrolux and Miele Induction Cooktop live in our showroom as well as, Wolf, Bosch, GE and Monogram. Also, induction ranges have started rolling out like the Viking, GE Profile, Electrolux and Samsung.  I love demonstrating how fast it boils water and I show off the great simmer with a bar of chocolate. No burning!


Induction cooktops will only work if your pots and pans have iron content .  Classic cast iron cookware works or brands such as All Clad and Le Creuset  work as well. The best way to tell if your cookware is compatible is to see if a magnet sticks to the pan. Copper and all stainless cookware will not work. If you absolutely can’t part with your favorite copper pan consider the hybrid induction cooktop offering half the burners as radiant heat burners and the other half induction. This way you get the best of both worlds.


When researching for this blog I came up with this interesting tip. If you have a cast iron pan that is rough at the bottom use parchment paper underneath so the cooktop will not scratch. Yes it will still work! You can even place a paper towel under the pan when you cook bacon or salmon for easy cleanup.


I tell all my customers my next kitchen will have an induction cooktop. Check out this video showcasing the Miele induction cooktop with my good friend Lindsay Vastola from Body Project, demonstrating one of her easy “take to lunch” recipes.


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