Father’s Day is approaching which means it’s time to shop for the perfect gift for your dad. If your dad is a big fan of grilling, then we have a great selection of products that your dad is sure to love. You don’t have to buy an expensive, full size grill if you want to get him a special grilling gift this Father’s Day. We have some amazing options that will satisfy your Father’s grilling needs at affordable prices. Here are our favorite grill related Father’s Day gift ideas for 2013.

Weber Q 140 Electric Grill

Weber Q 140 Electric Grill

One Father’s Day gift that any dad would love is the Weber Q 140 outdoor electric grill. This portable grill has 189 sq in. of cooking space so you have room to cook all your favorite foods. And the best part is there’s no need for propane tanks or charcoal briquettes; just plug it into an outlet. Weber also has multiple sizes of portable gas grill options in the Weber Q series that are perfect for tailgating. The Weber Q 220 is one of the gas options available, and boasts even more cooking space, at 280 sq in, and even foldable tables. But the best part is that all of these grills are easily portable, so your father can grill at home or bring it to a sporting event for a tailgate. So if you have a dad who is a huge sports fan and loves grilling, a Weber Q grill is sure to become his favorite gift.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker 18.5″

If your dad loves grilling but already has a new grill, how about a gift that will expand his grilling options? The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker makes an excellent Father’s Day gift for the grill enthusiast. It’s available in an 18.5” and a 22.5” model. The smoker allows you take a break from traditional grilling and slowly smoke your meats for an authentic smokehouse flavor. Help your dad enhance his grilling experience by adding the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker to his collection.

KettlePizza Kit

Grill your own pizzas with KettlePizza

What do you get the dad that has it all, when it comes to grilling? One amazing gift idea that you might not be aware of is KettlePizza. KettlePizza is a special kit that attaches to your charcoal grill and allows you to easily grill pizzas. The KettlePizza we carry fits on 22.5 inch charcoal kettle grills, like the Weber One Touch Gold or Silver, and transforms it into a pizza oven. You can see all the details of what’s included on our KettlePizza product page! Let your dad combine his love for grilling and pizza with this unique gift that he is sure to love.

These are just some of our favorite grill related gifts at Mrs. G’s. If you’re looking to go all out and buy your dad a full size outdoor grill, we have many options from the top brands, Weber, Lynx, Viking, and Wolf. Visit MrsGs.com to browse for even more gift ideas or stop in or give us a call at 609-882-1444 for more information on any of these products. And Happy Father’s Days to all the dads out there!

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