I was recently asked to speak for the third year in a row at the Successful Women Connect Luncheon series in Princeton, NJ. Back in 2011, I talked about Tradition & Technology: Secrets to Success in a Modern Business Environment. Last year I talked about Business Relationships for 2012. For 2013, I told Maggie Van Dagan, the series coordinator, that I wanted to talk about “How to get a better night sleep.” She was speechless. “Sleep?” she questioned. Then I explained that Mrs. G’s recently added Serta mattresses and Leggett & Platt headboards to their family of Appliances and TVs, to help grow the business. Now that Mrs. G’s has a Sleep Center it was important for me to learn as much as I could on the subject of sleep. I discovered a lot of information on how I could improve my own sleep, so I told Maggie this would be an interesting topic.

As part of my learning process, reading industry magazines and websites, I discovered this fabulous site called Sleep Geek, the brainchild of Leggett & Platt, a major manufacturer of bedding components. Leggett & Platt developed a fun way to help Retail Sales Associates (RSA) learn more about sleep, bedding products and other interesting tidbits. I required the Mrs. G’s sales team, as well as myself, to join the Sleep Geek Community and enter Sleep Geek University. During each of the 7 levels of Geek U, participants are required to watch videos, read numerous articles, take quizzes (NOT EASY!!!), and participate in forum discussions. The Mrs. G’s Team is now Appliance Specialists and Sleep Consultants.

Sleep Consultants Mike Shafer and Keith Foerst with Leggett & Platt Rep Steve Bernstein in Mrs. Gzzzz Sleep Center

Sleep-Geek defines a sleep consultant: “A Sleep Consultant is someone who advises clients on how to get quality sleep — selling a mattress or bedding accessories is secondary. He or she is conscious of the entire bedtime experience, not just the tools needed for sleep. A Sleep Consultant knows what constitutes good sleep, why good sleep is important, and how a customer is able to achieve it with the correct tools. It takes knowledge, practice, and hard work to be the very best Sleep Consultant possible. ”

A good night sleep is important to stay healthy!

We spend 33% of our lives sleeping but we barely give it a moment’s notice… until we can’t sleep! We must prioritize sleep.

As you can see in the chart above, maintaining a healthy lifestyle including both exercise and nutrition, combine that with a good night sleep, and you will be Mentally, Emotionally and Physically Healthy.

Here are a few factors that contribute to a good night sleep:

Everyone knows caffeine keeps you up but did you know it can last for 6 hours. Stop drinking caffeinated coffee or soda at least 6 hours before you plan to go to sleep. Stop drinking alcohol 4-6 hours before you plan to go to sleep. Alcohol can suppress the bodies natural sleep cycle.

Eating within 2 hours of sleep can cause your digestion to keep you awake. So if you have to nibble, stay away from chocolates and spicy foods and focus on foods that help you relax and sleep like turkey, oatmeal, bananas and tart cherries.

Turn off your tablets and smart phones an hour before you go to sleep because the blue light emanating from the screen wakes the brain up instead of putting it to sleep.

Make sure you have the right mattress to accommodate all you’re pressure points and lets you sleep. According to a Better Sleep Council survey, 84% of Americans noted at least one positive change when sleeping on a quality mattress. You should consider getting a new mattress every 8-10 years and getting a new pillow every 2 years.

Improve your sleep environment by keeping the temperature in the 60s, keep the bedroom clean and block the light.

Visit Mrs. Gzzzzzz Sleep Center and one of our Sleep Consultants will be happy to chat with you further about sleep!

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