I am very happy to introduce guest blogger, Keith Foerst. Keith is one of Mrs. G’s experienced and knowledgeable sales professional. Newly married to his longtime sweetheart, he moonlights as a magician and I must say so myself… he is really good at it! His brother also works at Mrs. G’s and his father retired a few years ago after a long career as a sales professional. Now that is what I call a family business. Keith blogs about making a decision about buying an extended warranty with a purchase of a new appliance. Keith is off Mondays and Tuesdays. He would love to assist you in the purchase of your next appliance, grill or TV. Ask him to do a magic trick first!


Keith Foerst holding a 5 Year Warranty

To Warranty, Or Not To Warranty, That Is The Question!

You just spent hours reading consumer reports, visited your favorite local appliance store, and decided on the kitchen of your dreams. Once the decisions have been made and you sit down to sign the paperwork, be prepared to talk about warranties.

For the most part, warranties are approached by the buyer as an impulsive after thought. Most stores present them as a yes or no question. HOLD IT! You spent all this time researching and carefully selecting your dream kitchen; why would you make such a big decision on a moments notice.

Here is what you need to ask about the warranty: What is covered? Who will fix it? How long is it for? How much does it cost?

Most appliances come with a one-year parts and labor guarantee. An extended warranty will pick up where the manufacturer left off.  You may be surprised at the affordable price of extended warranties. This is because the fact is most of these appliances are built well and have very few problems. Think of  a warranty as paying for peace of mind.  With the enormous price of one service visit, any problems that occur during the warranty period would immediately pay for itself.

Be weary of any store that cares more for the service contract than for the appliance. Buy a warranty because you see value in its protection, not because you have been pressured into a fast decision.

The bottom line is: Most appliances will last quite a few years with little to no problems. However the peace of mind a warranty brings is nearly always worth the cost.

By: Keith Foerst

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