American Recovery and Reinvestment ActFinally, The NJ’s Clean Energy Cash for Clunker Appliances Rebate Program begins April 1st. This program received 8.3 million dollars funded by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which is being used to encourage all New Jersey residents to purchase ENERGY STAR® qualified home appliances. I blogged about this pending program back in January. So here we are just a day away from the start of this program. Boy, does time fly by!

Rebates will start April 1, 2010 and are subject to availability. Rebates will end when funds are depleted or on April 30th. No one know how long these funds will be available. It could be one day, a few days or the entire month. Who knows??? So if you are looking to upgrade your appliances I would hurry! To qualify for the rebates, you must replace an old appliance with the purchase of an eligible energy star appliance. ARRA Energy Star® Rebates: Tier 2 Clothes washers will receive a $35.00 rebate (NJ currently offers $75 for select Tier 3 washers by mail-in rebate), dishwashers will receive a $25 to $50 rebate and refrigerators will receive $75 to $100 rebate. To learn more about the AARA rebate program for New Jersey you can also visit the NJ Clean Energy website.

Authorized by the BPU, Mrs. G TV & Appliances is one of the few appliance dealers who will be offering INSTANT NJ Clean Energy rebates at the register. No forms to fill out or mail-in. How convenient for our customers. And to sweeten the pie, we will double the NJ rebate from April 1st to the 3rd. (Floor models will not be eligible for double instant rebates). If you buy a new qualified Energy Star ® refrigerator, dishwasher and washer to replace your old ones you can get up to $370 in rebates instantly!

The NJ Clean Energy rebates will not be the only rebates available.There will be current manufacturer mail-in rebates and our on going exclusive mail-in rebates on select products. When you add up all the rebates there will be some products that will actually be below our cost! How about that! It’s the perfect time to upgrade to energy efficient appliances.

To kick off this exciting program, Mrs. G’s is actually going to open at 6am on Thursday, April 1, 2010! So stop by for a continental breakfast, stimulate the economy, save money, go green and prove to my sales associates and managers that it was worth going to work extra early on Thursday morning!!!

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