How To Measure for A New Fridge

Hi, it’s Debbie Schaeffer, CEO of Mrs G, and I’m here to share a tip to help make your next refrigerator purchase easy and stress free with no surprises. One of the best tips when purchasing a new appliance is to take some basic measurements before leaving the house. This will save you time and make your whole shopping experience much easier. So if you’re looking to replace your refrigerator, make sure to follow these steps before you begin shopping. All you need is measuring tape, a smart phone, and a helper to get started.

The number one mistake people make is measuring the refrigerator, when in fact you should measure the opening around the refrigerator. We want to make sure we know exactly how much room we have for the refrigerator. So have your helper snap a photo on your smart phone as you’re taking each measurement. Start by measuring from the floor to the top of the opening. Then measure the width of the opening and the depth of the opening, snapping a picture of the measurement each time.

Lastly, make sure to measure any additional features you may have. If you have an island, then measure the space between it and the refrigerator. If there are any walls or appliances adjacent to the refrigerator, take a picture of those as well. You don’t want to end up with a new refrigerator door that doesn’t open up all the way. Then bring your pictures in and we’ll find the perfect refrigerator for you and your home with no surprises!

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