What Are the Best 2015 Holiday Gifts for the Health Enthusiast? Look no further! Everyone wants to be their best self, and living right starts with eating right. Eating right means cooking right, so you’ll need to stock your home with appliances that will help you actually stick to those New Year’s resolutions. Ready to look better and feel better? Check out these 3 amazing products on display at Mrs. G:

1. Wolf Gourmet Blender

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Blender WGBL100S

Finally, a blender that works with you instead of just threatening to coat your ceiling in tomato sauce when you forget to put the lid on. The Wolf Gourmet Blender was designed to fit on your counter top under most upper kitchen cabinets, and comes with a handy LCD control panel to make your blending experience super easy.

Soups, smoothies, sauces, no problem – this blender comes with an emulsion cup in the cap, so now when you need to slowly add in ingredients, there’s a setting for that. Just fill up the cup and let it go. And if you do accidentally leave the lid off, this cap comes with measurement marks which makes mixing cocktails a breeze.

2. Urban Cultivator

Urban Cultivator Residential UCR-CRH

Have you ever wished you could control the weather? Yes, dreams can come true. Urban Cultivator’s micro herb indoor garden comes programmed with its own light and watering cycles to make it so you can have fresh herbs and veggies – even flowers! – year round inside your own home. Never forget to water your plants again and get a perfect harvest every time. Their goal is to spread the wonder that is hydroponic growing to reduce the carbon footprint of high quality produce while making it easier for you to know you’re eating safe and healthy foods. Grow green, eat clean, and never worry about recalled produce again.

3. Wolf Steam Convection Oven 

Wolf 30

Healthier ways to cook food? Check. High-tech settings and easy-to-use control panel? Check. Almost magically produces child-approved food? Check.

This sleek Wolf oven combines convection and steam in all settings from roast to bake to slow cook, creating endless possibilities of delicious and healthier meals in your happy home. Not only does steam-cooking help keep more nutrients in your veggies, but this oven has the technology to automatically adjust its details to the size and amount of the food inside – healthier and easier!

According to Wolf’s website, such feats for this oven include the ability to bring stale bread back to life, fry ice cream without melting it, and, perhaps best of all, get your children to eat their veggies – all in the confines of what is now your miracle-producing kitchen. Truly, the possibilities are endless – if you can think it, you can make it.

Welcome to the future.

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