Grill season is upon us and hopefully the warm weather is here to stay now.  If you find yourself in need of a new grill, check out our selection of Viking grills, Wolf grills, Weber grills, and Lynx grills at Mrs. G TV & Appliances.  Once you have your grill, it is important to take proper care of it and clean it, just like you would any kitchen appliance.  A lot of people don’t think to clean their grill often; however, to keep a grill in good shape I highly recommend cleaning it somewhat after each use.  A more thorough, full cleaning should be performed every now and then as well.  The more often you clean your grill, the easier it will be to clean. Here are some tips for how to clean your gas grill.

Clean grates

Grates are one part of the grill that should be cleaned after every use.  A stiff wire brush should do the trick for cleaning the grates.  If you’re doing a quick cleaning after using the grill then first use the brush to scrape off any food left behind.  When you’re doing a periodic full cleaning, it is a good idea to remove the grates first and soak them in warm soapy water.  Then after they soak use the wire brush to clean both sides of the grates.

Clean grates after use

Clean Barriers

Every now and then when you remove your grates to clean, you should also remove the barrier to the burner.  These are the briquettes or other form of metal covering over the burner.  It is a good idea to soak these in warm soapy water as well when you are doing a more thorough cleaning.  These should be cleaned in some form periodically, to make them easier to clean and to prevent them from making food taste bad.  If you have not kept up and they are coated in food and cannot be cleaned then you may have to replace them. Otherwise, soak them in water.

Briquettes like these or any barrier protecting the burner must be cleaned

Clean Inside of Grill

While the grates and barriers are off and soaking, you should then clean the inside of the grill that is now exposed.  Clean out any food particles or residue around the burner.  You can use the stiff wire brush and soapy water to scrub the inside of the grill.  Also, make sure to clean out the drip pan at this time.  While everything is removed from the grill, you should also check the burner to make sure it is not clogged, as you may need to replace it.

Clean the Exterior

During your more thorough cleanings you should clean the outside of the grill while you are at it.  This is just a quick, simple scrubbing with soapy water to help keep the exterior looking clean and new.

Wolf 54 inch grill pictured above. Be sure to clean the exterior as well

Reassemble Grill Parts

Once all food particles are removed and the inside of the grill has been cleaned it’s time to put the pieces of the grill back on.  First, make sure the burner is in place if you moved it.  If you’re doing a thorough cleaning and have the grates and barriers soaking, then you should wash them off.  Place the briquettes or other barrier back over the burner and then put the grates back on.

Let the Grill Dry

Next, just let the grill air dry.  Give the whole grill some time to dry on its own.  Then next time you use the grill, it recommended to let it heat completely for about 5 or 10 minutes so any soap or residue gets burned off before using it to cook.

Remember, the more often you clean your grill and the more thorough you are, the easier it will be to clean and maintain it.  By periodically following these tips you will keep your grill in better shape and make things much easier for yourself down the road. And if you need a new grill to get started on, visit to view our selection or come into the store to see them yourself and find out more.

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