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It’s a sad day in your kitchen–your trusty, 22 year-old Sub-Zero refrigerator has finally thrown in the towel. You’ve had a repairman out to try to resuscitate it, but it looks like it’s time to lay old reliable to rest. Likely one of the oldest appliances in your kitchen, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the price for a new one isn’t going to be what you paid back when pagers were still popular. If you purchased Sub-Zero’s flagship 532 model in the ‘80s or ‘90s, you might have paid around $3,000. If you got the 632 in the early 2000s, they were around $7,000. Now in 2018, the new built-in models come with a slew of improvements to the already prodigious quality product Sub-Zero is known for, and a new price tag to match. To get a BI48 to replace your old 532 or 632, you’re looking at north of $10,000, depending on what configuration and panels are needed.

Sub-Zero still brings unparalleled engineering, exceptional food preservation, and the most reputable service to every one of their customers. Their refrigerators have always been designed to offer top performance for about 20 years, and consumers can certainly expect the same kind of longevity from any piece purchased today. While the price may come as a shock after not having shopped for a new refrigerator for a decade or two, it’s well worth the investment considering what you’re getting.

Sub-Zero 48

If you’re looking at other brands for a more economical replacement for your retired Sub-Zero, there are some things to consider before getting excited about lower prices. Aside from an overall difference in quality and construction, you’re also likely going to run into issues with the various cut-out sizes required. Let’s say you have a 561 model that’s 36” wide. You may think any 36” wide built-in will fit that space, but the cut-out in your wall that it fits into is actually only 35 ½“ inches wide. That goes for any other size: the 48” wide units have a 47 ½” cut-out, the 42” fit into a 41 ½” cut-out. Even if you’re looking at built-ins from other brands that are the same width, there’s no guarantee that they’re made with the exact same dimensions as the cut-out you already have in your kitchen. Any comparable Sub-Zero Built-In model, however, will fit perfectly into the cut-out left by an older model.

There are many options available for Sub-Zero Built-In Refrigeration

In addition to the cut-out difference, the likelihood that a built-in from another brand will have the electrical components and plumbing in the same spot are slim. The electrical outlet and plumbing will need to line up as intended for a safe, flush installation.The costs for extra cutting, rewiring, and other work needed to make the new unit fit might make the money saved on the actual appliance negligible. And lastly, if you’ve got nice wood panels on your Sub-Zero, they won’t fit on a different brand’s built-in. With Sub-Zero, you have the option to get a retrofit kit so you can utilize those expensive, custom-made panels again on a new model.

Come see Sub-Zero refrigeration in The Living Kitchen at Mrs. G which showcases a huge selection of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances in the environment they were meant to be experienced.

So you’ve got all this information about how beneficial it is to replace your old Sub-Zero with a new model from the same, reliable brand. But what about that price tag? And who’s going to install that giant fridge, and dispose of your broken one? Well here at Mrs. G’s, we have a professional delivery team, Sub-Zero certified installers, and are always able to haul away your old appliances. Having your new appliance installed by our team will automatically extend Sub-Zero’s standard 2 year warranty to 3 years, free of charge. We also offer 12 month interest-free financing for customers who’d like some extra breathing room when upgrading their appliances, as well as exclusive rebates and deals.

Sub-Zero is also offering a limited-time rebate for any customer replacing a 500 series or 600 series refrigerator–when you upgrade to a new built-in refrigerator, you can qualify for a $1000 rebate! This fantastic deal from Sub-Zero will only be available for a few months, so it’s a great time to come take a look at your options even if your 15 to 25 year old refrigerator is still kicking. If you aren’t sure if your Sub-Zero refrigerator qualifies for the rebate, we’d be happy to help you figure out what kind of appliance you have and see what deals you can get if you’re thinking about upgrading. Come in and speak with one of our appliance experts, and see our expansive display of Sub-Zero products!

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