It’s been almost a year since Bosch Benchmark Series debuted at the 2014 NKBA Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas. With the introduction of many innovative features that include a stylish design that looks good in a modern, transitional and traditional kitchens, it has clearly become one of the fastest growing brands of 2014 at Mrs. G.

Here are what I consider Bosch’s 3 most innovative products that sets a new “Benchmark” in kitchen design.

Bosch Benchmark 30″ Steam Convection Combination Oven HSLP751UC

First, the 30″ Steam Convection Combination Oven HSLP751UC. Just recently a customer was looking for a replacement of a 10 year microwave combination wall oven. The 30″ steam and wall oven combo was a compatible installation replacement choice but more important it offered healthy options with steam convection cooking at a mass premium price point. At the time of this blog post this double oven comes in two boxes. The steam oven must be properly attached to the oven and the steam oven power cable must be properly attached to the oven-mounted junction box prior to installation.

Bosch Benchmark 30″ Side Opening Door Wall Oven HBLP451RUC

Second, the 30″ Side Opening Door Wall Oven HBLP451RUC that opens like a microwave oven door. Up until now, the side opening door was only available on premium higher priced wall ovens. Now available at a mass premium price point, this side opening door is a huge advantage when cooking a large turkey or roast. It can be easily removed without having to lift over a hot door. Plus, this is a great solution for ovens when creating a Universal Kitchen Design. The side-opening door allows the homeowner to roll up right up to the cooking racks instead of having to lean over a hot open drop door found on most ovens.

Bosch Benchmark 36″ Flex Induction Cooktop NITP666SUC

Third, the new 36″ Flex Induction Cooktop NITP666SUC. Induction cooktops use electromagnetic field that create heat when combined with iron content in a pot or a pan. Induction has been around for quite some time but what makes this cooktop innovative is the ability to combine 2 cooking zones into one large one to accommodate a griddle, big lobster pots etc.

Stop by Mrs. G in Lawrence NJ to learn more about the exciting Bosch Benchmark Series.

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