I recently participated in a Sustainable Princeton Panel discussion, “Getting To An Energy Smart Home” on June 10, 2014. This was the perfect time to let everyone know that on May 27, 2014 the EPA announced that clothes dryers can now earn the ENERGY STAR® label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements.

As reported by Energy Star “Dryers are now one of the largest energy consuming appliances in the home, using significantly more energy than refrigerators. Typically, dryers consume over 900 kWh/year, while a typical refrigerator uses just 455 kwH/year. Electric dryers are most common in the US, and are used in 80% of homes. Nationally, there are 6.5 million dryers sold, indicating that there is significant opportunity for energy savings.”

Whirlpool 7.4 Cu. Ft. Duet® Steam Dryer WED87HEDW

Congratulations to Whirlpool Corporation for receiving the first ENERGY STAR® certification for a clothes dryers on their Duet® steam dryer WED87HED. Qualifying gas, electric and compact dryers will use about 20% less energy than next year’s minimum efficiency standards, thanks to improved sensors and the use of heat pumps to recirculate hot air.

The Whirlpool ENERGY STAR® steam dryer uses an Advanced Moisture Sensing System with three built-in sensors that reads the air temperature while monitoring moisture levels in the dryer to ensure that the cycle ends when everything is dry. This saves energy and prevents overdrying. The dryer also has an EcoBoost™ Option that saves energy by using less heat based on the moisture content of the clothes. Both of these features lead to less energy consumption than a typical dryer.

Expect to see many other brands rolling out their version of an ENERGY STAR® Dryer in the near future. They are already lined up waiting for their certification. The EPA does not plan to roll out the Clothes Dryer Energy Guide Label until 2015. Maybe they will come out sooner. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to find out when they hit our showroom.  Visit Mrs. G’s to see a large selections of Energy Star (R)  clothes washers and soon to be dryers as well as kitchen appliances and outdoor grills and accessories.

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