Imagine it’s the summer and your parents are coming over to visit or you have friends staying overnight. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mini beverage center that you could put in the guest room so if they get hungry or thirsty in the middle of the night they can help themselves, without having to feel uncomfortable going into your refrigerator? You can put one away in a closet or corner, or since they look so nice, you can even leave it out in the open.
Maybe you’re planning an indoor party? Maybe a shower for the bride- or mom-to-be, a small get together for your extended family, or a product demonstration party like Pampered Chef for you and your best girlfriends?

Whatever you’re doing, you don’t want your guests to feel uneasy about grabbing themselves a drink from the refrigerator. And you probably don’t want to be constantly serving everyone. That’s why we recommend getting a mini beverage center for the guest room to store your drinks. Think about getting one that gets cold enough to store food as well, and you can keep everything in one fridge. While many beverage centers are great for wine and soda, only a few can stay cold enough for safe food storage.


We also suggest getting one with a glass door so your guests can see everything in there before they open the door. The clear view of the refreshments is more inviting to your guests, and it allows them to decide if they want the red wine or the light beer without holding the door open and wasting energy.

The top 4 mini beverage centers:

U-LINE 2000 Series 24″ Glass Door Refrigerator (model #2175RCG)

This refrigerator has a temperature range of 34-45°F, making it safe for food and beverage storage. Its digitally controlled convection cooling system fully circulates air throughout the interior and keeps the temperature at the desired set point. Three tempered glass shelves allow you to organize your items in the most space-efficient way.

U-LINE 2000 Series 24" Glass Door Refrigerator #2175RCG

U-LINE ADA-compliant 24” Glass Door Refrigerator (model #ADA24RGL)

This refrigerator also has a temperature range of 34-45°F. It may be a “mini” beverage center, but there’s nothing mini about its 5.3 cubic feet of capacity and ability to store 7-1/2 cases of 12 oz. beverages. With 4 full-depth, removable, chrome plated, heavy duty wire shelves, you get optimal storage flexibility.

U-LINE ADA-compliant 24” Glass Door Refrigerator ADA24RGL

Marvel Glass Door Refrigerator and Beverage Center (model #6GARM)

This beverage center has 5.6 cu. ft. storage capacity to store beverages and perishable fresh food with the temperatures ranging from 35-43°F. The shelving system is flexible and allows 1-1/2″ increments of height adjustment and is easily removed for cleaning. The half-shelf design allows vertical storage of tall items and moves to either side, making it perfect for storing open bottles. The forced air feature keeps the temperature even, resulting in quieter operation and improved efficiency.

Marvel Refrigerator and Beverage Center #6GARM

Sub-Zero Classic Stainless Beverage Center (model #UC24BG-STH)

This mini refrigerator can accommodate up to 16 bottles of wine with its 5.7 cu. ft. storage capacity and has a temperature range from 34°F to 45°F. Its roller-glide wine storage shelves faced with natural cherry wood have a three-quarter extension for easy access. It also comes with a clear utility bin for storage of smaller items, as well as a spill-proof glass shelf and a spill-proof glass floor.

Sub-Zero Beverage Center #UC24BG-STH

Not only are all of these mini beverage centers great for parties or guest rooms, but we think you’ll find them quite useful in your daily life, too. Having one in your home allows you to bring refrigeration wherever it’s needed. Whether it’s the guest room, family room, man cave, garage, etc., we know you’ll wonder what you ever did without one. So visit, stop by our showroom, or give one of our salesmen a call to learn more about these amazing appliances. We’ll help you find the best fit for your home.

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