There are a lot of options to consider when you shop for a new refrigerator. Do you want a side by side, a top mount or a bottom freezer? Do you want the convenience of an exterior water dispenser? These are important considerations, but many people overlook perhaps the simplest aspect of buying a new refrigerator: Will it fit?

It may sound obvious, but this is a common problem we encounter on a daily basis. Knowing the measurements of your space is crucial in the selection of the right unit. Many consumers simply assume that all units come in standard sizes, or that they can size a unit up by sight. I’ve personally had many customers get their heart set on a unit and purchase it, only to go home and realize their dream refrigerator will not fit in their space. And then they are back to square one.
TIP: Measure the space, not the refrigerator.
Improvements have been made over the years where less space is needed around the units for proper air circulation. You may be able to accommodate a larger unit than you realize. Taking a single measurement with the tape measure held firmly against the floor is much better than telling the salesperson, “My current unit is 66-and-a-half inches tall and we have about another 2 inches to play with above the unit.”
You should also measure the width and depth of the space, as well as consider any cabinetry or trim that will hinder the ability to open the refrigerator’s doors. Finally, measure any doorways or hallways the unit will have to travel through to get to its final spot. Most units have removable doors for tight passageways, but you don’t want to get the unit stuck in your living room either. Walk the path the refrigerator will have to take once it is in your home.
Another common misconception is that you can select a unit by the interior cubic space. Two units might be 21 cubic feet each, but have vastly different dimensions. One unit may be taller and wider but shallow, while the second is shorter and deeper. Manufacturers are always working hard to maximize the space available to customers. One area of advancement is in the density of the insulation. This allows the unit’s walls to be thinner, giving you more space for your food. Your new unit may have the exact same exterior dimensions as your previous unit, but will have up to five cubic feet more of usable space!
Once you know what will fit in your space, you can begin selecting the perfect refrigerator!
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