Urban Evolution

Date : 10/1
Time : 6:00pm-8:00pm

“The Urban Evolution” is a TV show on WMCN that supports the arts, culture and local businesses of urban areas. This show’s mission is to bring you a different side of urban areas like Trenton, New Jersey which are too often not represented positively by the media. Urban Evolution will change the perception of Trenton by showcasing and spotlighting the great events that happen in the city.

“We will no longer allow outsiders to paint a picture of our cities, we will paint our own picture, that’s why “The Urban Evolution” is taking back our city one television at a time.”

Mrs. G TV & Appliances, started in Trenton in 1935, is proud to be a highlighted business profile on Urban Evolution due to air in October on WMCN. In this profile you will see the history of Mrs. G’s with highlights from Mayor Pam Mount and well known developer Tom Troy from The Sharbell Development Corporation.

Special Screening Sale on all TVs.

Refreshments will be served.

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