• Deborah Florio

    Debbie, love the new logo. A fresh new look for your beautiful new store!

  • http://islandinthenet.com/ Khürt L. Williams

    I love the new logo. I feel like I know Mrs. G. personally. :-)

  • Debbie Schaeffer

    Thank you Khurt! Go Blue!

  • Debbie Schaeffer

    Thank you, Deborah.

  • http://shutterbuggeek.wordpress.com/ ShutterBugGeek

    Debbie, the updated logo is befitting the 2010s – a great contemporary look. This is so exciting!

  • Kwadi Bailey

    Great Logo and Go to Market Strategy, I’m a fan of anyone who is forward thinking in their approach. Best of Luck, Debbie – KB #NJLiving #BetterHomes #CentralJersey

  • Debbie Schaeffer

    Thank you Robin!

  • Debbie Schaeffer

    Thank you Kwadi!

  • Sherri Sherman Sheerr


  • Debbie Schaeffer

    Thank you Sherri!

  • Tom Gray

    I have been through many years of the evolution of Mrs G’s. Now Debbie has brought her vision for a new and exciting rebranding to the area’s best Appliance retailer. After 80 years, the future is bright and exciting, Thank You Debbie!

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