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Kitchen Remodeling: Best Practices For Getting Off To A Great Start

October 3, 2013

Kitchen remodeling projects are exciting undertakings, but they can also be daunting tasks. There are many things to consider and an incredibly wide range of products and styles to choose from. The budget and timeline for the project are also major factors that have an impact on the process. Overall, there is a large amount [...]

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Capital Health’s Center for Sleep Medicine Expert Lectures at Mrs. G’s

June 17, 2013

One of the most frequently asked questions about Mrs. G’s is, ” How do you differentiate yourself from all the big box and regional competing chains.” With a smile, I say “they don’t have me ” but really it is way more than that. I talk about Mrs. G’s outstanding sales associates, great customer service [...]

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Properly Secure Your Flat Screen TV

December 14, 2012

After watching a story on the Today Show yesterday morning about televisions falling on children, I felt compelled to write a blog to reach and educate our own customers. Especially since we sell televisions, we want our customers to be aware of the danger and take the proper precautions. With the holidays coming up and [...]

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Self Clean The Oven But Not Right Before Thanksgiving

November 18, 2012

Stop! Do not use the self cleaning mode on your oven right before Thanksgiving….even if your oven is new or 15 years old. When you put the self cleaning program on it raises the oven temperature to as high as 900-1100 F degrees. This puts undo stress on your oven and it could fail. Many [...]

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How to Protect Your Appliances from a Power Surge

November 4, 2012

Oh yes, it has been very tough these last few days since Hurricane Sandy but I am not complaining.  I’m thinking of all our friends, neighbors and fellow New Jerseyans who lost their homes and business due to Sandy and I wish them a speedy recovery.  I have been in a storm a few years [...]

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Dryer Taking Forever to Dry?

October 15, 2012

Are you frustrated with your dryer, wondering why it takes forever to dry your clothes?  Don’t get mad at your dryer just yet, as you may be at fault.  If your dryer is taking a long time to dry your clothes, chances are it is not a broken dryer or a service issue.  One of [...]

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What You Should Know When Shopping for a New Appliance or TV: The Model Number Matters

July 27, 2012

When you’re in the market for a new appliance such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, range, etc or TV, it’s very important that you know you’re comparing the same two appliances or TVs when you’re comparing prices. The best way to do that is to start at the manufacturer’s website. Manufacturers list all their current [...]

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How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner For Your Room

June 1, 2012

Summer is here and the hot weather has already arrived. There’s nothing worse than not being prepared for the summer, and not being able to stay cool in your own home. A great way to cool down a room is with a room air conditioner. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also highly [...]

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Mrs. G TV & Appliances Teaches You How to Clean a Grill

April 4, 2012

Grill season is upon us and hopefully the warm weather is here to stay now.  If you find yourself in need of a new grill, check out our selection of Viking grills, Wolf grills, Weber grills, and Lynx grills at Mrs. G TV & Appliances.  Once you have your grill, it is important to take [...]

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Financing Q & A with Mrs. G TV & Appliances

March 22, 2012

Many customers may need help paying for their appliances and have questions about how financing works at Mrs. G TV & Appliances. I recently sat down with our Financing Specialist, Barbara, and she answered some common questions.   Q: What company does the financing? A: Our financing is done through Wells Fargo Financial Services. Q: [...]

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