Best Kitchen Side Swing Wall Ovens

by on November 20, 2015

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Buying the right wall oven is not an an easy task. There are so many choices including the new side swing wall ovens introduced in 2015 by a few kitchen appliance manufacturers including Viking, GE Monogram & GE Cafe and Bosch Benchmark. It can be overwhelming trying to decide between the many types and models. The wall oven is one of the most important aspects of a well-functioning kitchen, and can be one of the most powerful ways to enhance your cooking!

So why a side swing oven? These professional-quality ovens for the home are extremely easy to use. It’s much easier to lift your food into an oven that has doors that open sideways – no more stress about trying to maneuver your way over the hot oven door. Side swing wall ovens either come single door, either left or right hinge, or french door. We have many of the side swing door oven models listed below on display in the Mrs. G Showroom. Customers with limited reach love the ability to put in and remove heavy dishes effortlessly. Also, the single oven versions, either single door swing or french door, are the perfect choice for under counter installations in a ADA compliant kitchens.

Here are the best side swing wall ovens on the market today:

GE Monogram 30" French Door Convection Oven

GE Monogram 30″ French Door Convection Oven ZET1FHSS:
- French Door Wall oven with a Professional look
- Side Clearances required. See specs for details
- Largest available model with 5-cubic-ft space
- True convection bake cooking
- Remote control technology via smartphone

GE Cafe 30" Built-In French-Door Single Convection Wall Oven

GE Cafe 30″ Built-In Single Convection Wall Oven CT9070SHSS:
- Built-in French-Door single convection wall oven
- Side clearances required. See specs for details
- Electronic dial controls
- Compatible with most 30″ wall units
- WiFi connect via smartphone
- Halogen lighting
- True European convection

Viking 30" Double Electric French Door Oven

Viking 30″ Double Electric French Door Oven VDOF730SS:
- 30″ double electric French door oven
- Side clearance required. See specs for details
- True convection bake cooking
- 11 cooking modes
- Rapid ready preheat system

Viking 30" Electric Single French Door Oven

Viking 30″ Electric Single French Door Oven VSOF730SS:
- Stainless French door wall oven
- True convection bake cooking
- Large capacity oven
- Rapid ready preheat system
-Side clearances required. See specs for details
- LED lights

Bosch Benchmark Series 30" Single Wall Oven Left Swing Door

Bosch Benchmark Series 30″ Single Wall Oven Left Hinge Swing Door HBLP451LUC:
- 30″ single wall oven left swing door
- Genuine European convection
- Halogen lighting
- Telescopic full-extension rack
- Right Hinge Swing Model Available

Bosch Benchmark Series 30" Double Wall Oven Right Swing Door

Bosch Benchmark Series 30″ Double Wall Oven Right Hinge HBLP651RUC:
- 30″ double electric wall oven
- Self-cleaning options
- Large capacity oven
- 14 cooking modes
- Left hinge double oven available
- Genuine European convection

I invite you to the  Mrs. G Showroom so you can take the new side swing ovens on a test drive.


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